Eurasia-Pasific Uninet project on Renewable Energies, “Dynamic building simulation with TRNSYS in Mongolia”

Удирдагч: Prof. Dr. Sarantuya Tsedendamba, National Coordinator of Eurasia-Pacific Uninet for Mongolia

Хэрэгжүүлэгч баг: [Х.Энхжаргал:M.IE01],[Ч.Мангалжалав:M.HD02],[Г.Бэхбат:M.HV02]

Захиалагч: Eurasia-Pasific Uninet

Санхүүжилтийн нийт хэмжээ: 150000000

Гүйцэтгэсэн огноо: 2011-01-31

Товч тайлбар:

The project was planned and carried out by the following  EPU network members: the Mongolian university of Science and technology, the university of Applied Sciences FH St.Poelten, and the university of Applied Sciences FH technikum Wien as a coordinating partner. The objectives of the project, Dynamic Building Simulation with TRNSYS in Mongolia, were to carry out a building simulation for the refurbishment of a building of MUST in Ulaanbaatar, to analyze the framework conditions, and to develop conclusions and recom mendations for increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy in the building stock in Ulaanbaatar. The building simulation contains a description of the selected building, the thermal technical and Industrial ecology Institute at MUST, the collected data, defined scenarios for technical analysis with simulation methods and economic analysis, the documentation of the simulations and the analysis of results.

In a first stage, representatives from the UAS FH St.Poelten, Roman Windl (Institute Industrial Simulation) and the UAS FH Technikum Wien, Susanne Geissler, Roland Sterrer, (Institute Renewable energies) spent one week in Ulaanbaatar in August 2010 for the joint seminar on energy efficiency Improvement of Consumers at the Power engineering School, MuSt, and to conduct  necessary fieldwork to analyze framework conditions, the building and the energy sectors, as well as socio-economic aspects, such as cost of energy efficiency measures and average income. 

The second stage included a one-month ́s visit of two research students from the power engineering School, MuSt, Ochirbat Batjargal and Purevsuren Enkhdavaa, in Austria. During the first part of their stay in November and December 2010, the students and the project were integrated in the Master’s Study  programme “Renewable urban energy Systems” of the university of Applied Sciences FH Technikum Wien and the program module “Dynamic Systems” at the \UAS FH St. Poelten. During the last week of the project, team members were joined by three MUST professors, Chimed Mangaljalav, Khaltar Enkhjargal, and Galsan Bekhbat and the results of the Dynamic Building Simulation were presented in the presence of representatives of the embassy of Mongolia in Austria. the results are published in a final report (ebinger et. al, Building simulation for refurbishment year of EURASIA PACIFIC uninet of a MUST University building in Ulaanbaatar – Analysis of framework conditions and development of recommendations for increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy use in the building stock, Vienna 2011) and will also be presented by the UAS FH Technikum Wien at the World Sustainable Building Conference in Helsinki in October 2011.

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