Remote detection method for illegal electricity usage based on extended smart meters and inspection robot

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Олгосон огноо: 2017-12-25

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This research proposes a novel remote detection method for illegal electricity usage that uses both TSM and GSM, where the TSM and the GSM are installed on the power system of each consumer and on the node of the power system feeder, respectively. TSM and GSM simultaneously disconnect an electrical source for a very short period of time. After this, the proposed detection method sends a low voltage signal with a high-frequency from the TSM to the GSM during the time of disconnection. Once the signal has passed, the proposed detection method detects illegal electricity usage by measuring the amount of time it was disconnected.

In addition, location of illegal electricity usage on the air transmission line can be detected using inspection robot that carries out remote current measurement on the transmission line. In this case, GSMs and TSMs can be used by different role for illegal current separation process. The inspection robot remotely measures overall current of transmission line. Furthermore, illegal current can be separated by adaptive impedance estimation using recursive least square method from the overall measured current.   

Түлхүүр үг: #Extended smart meter #Smart grid #Inspection robot #Illegal electricity usage #Remote detection method

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