Identification and Characterization of Human Behavior Patterns from Mobile Phone Data  
Semantic Interpretation of Mobile Phone Records Exploiting Background Knowledge  
Semantic Enrichment of Mobile Phone Data Records  
Human activity recognition from spatial datasources  
Study on Ontology based Integration approach of Web Information Resources  
Wireless analyzer of ISOBUS  
Wireless Analyzer of ISOBUS  
Ontology-based semantic Agent System for Distributed Data Integration  
The expert integration search system using TMDR  
Applying Topic Maps to the Legacy Systems  
The developing internet of things for smart transportation system using municipal Wi-Fi  
Evolution and Development of Mobile Communication Networks  
Some electrical parameters of Mongolian traditional musical instrument  
Novel Algorithm of Resource Allocation in IEEE802.16m for Mobile WiMAX and LTE (Long Term Evolution)  
Results of Simulation Program for Pathological Index Relating the Climate Factors  
Research on Defining Entropy of Disease in Health Information Technology  
H.264 Video Streaming on Embedded Platform Using Wireless Network  
Mapping of Real-Time 3D object movement  
Optimization Algorithm of Resource Allocation IEEE802.16m for Mobile WiMAX  
Aloha Based Resource Allocation Scheme to Efficient Call Holding Times in Public Safety Network  
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