Some Testing Result of Pollutants in the Flue Gas for CFB boiler  
"Mongolian e-commercial development, it’s the survey user’s attitude and behavior”  
“The survey about Mongolian e-commercial development”  
"Internet of Things is Raising your IQ"  
Security Architecture of Access layer in the IoT network based on WSN  
Model-Based Design Using Matlab/Labview in Industrial Automation  
Some results by k medoid method of cluster analysis to the prevalence of noncommunicable disease  
Наблюдение за владельцем с помощью смартфона  
Разработка сервиса персонализации сайта на основе анализа поведения пользователя  
Морин хуур зэмсэгт хийсэн зарим шинэчлэл  
Творожные продукты и способность жевания зубов  
Erfahrungen der Mongolischen Studenten bei der Abnahme der DSH-Pruefung  
Конструирование технической системы  
Влияние различных факторов на реологические свойства творожного продукта "ааруул"  
Modeling of Violin Playing Robot Arm with MATLAB/SIMULINK  
Some feedbacks detected in permafrost rapid thawing in Mongolia  
"CompleXity: Technology for Complex Urban Systems" symposium organized within the HICCS'49 conference  
Computational Power of Intramolecular Gene Assembly  
Computing Along the Axon  
Formal Specification of a Management System for University Teaching  
Semantic Enrichment of Mobile Phone Data Records Using Linked Open Data  
Impact of the spatial context on human communication activity  
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