Comparison of the Learning Management Systems  
Русский язык как инструмент политического, экономического и культурного сотрудничества  
Хүннүгийн нэгэн өвөрмөц дурсгалын тухай  
Mongolian terminological System in Sphere of Publishing  
Барилгын хуучин бүтээц, хаягдлыг дахин боловсруулж ашиглах боломжийн судалгаа  
A Study On Flow Control Valve Characteristecs In Oil Hydraulic Vane Pump For Automobile  
“Вопрос о качестве обучения математике”  
"Одно из частотных средств связи компопентов текста"  
Compared study of operation regime for FB and CFB steam generators with small and medium capacity  
Food fortification in Mongolia  
Бетоны бат бөхөд дүүргэгчийн гадаргуугийн нөлөөлөл  
Analysis on the process of water compression of material  
Sustainable wheat flour production of Mongolia  
The Relationship between Pedestrian Perception and Sidewalk Environment, in case of the Central Area of Ulaanbaatar  
Даяаршил шинэ колончлол биш: Монгол дахь олон талт байдал  
Evaluation of traffic safety conditions where accidents are frequently occurred (road section between Ulaanbaatar-Baganuur)  
Some issues on imposing ecological pyament to public buses counting the poison gas that they emit  
Study on biomass casification system for internal combustion engine  
Study on crankshaft sensor signal using wavelet  
The research on the professional level and the retraining of the employees in auto services  
Some research results on freight train fuel consumption  
Study of Possibility to Reduse Trafic Congestion in Intersection ‘’Zuun Durvun Zam’’ by Optimizing the Traffic Light Operating Time  
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