A study of Mongolian men's arm shape for developing sleeve pattern makking  
Power energy's quality measurement and experiment results for energy supplement system  
Measurement for energy consumption quality and experiments some result of Mongolian hospital  
Мэдээгүйжүүлэх аппаратын ашиглалтын асуудал  
“The frontier preliminary for medical equipment engineering education”  
Long Term Monitoring of Human physical activity and heart rate dynamics  
High harmonics of current induced in electrical supply system  
6. Implementation and outcomes of fpgabased system design in education of mongolia  
Relation of Ozone Density to Applied Voltage on Dielectric Surface discharge  
ICT Application in HE: Using high speed wireless Comminication  
The composition and quality of camel milk  
“The witty approaches in Mongolian mother’s teaching”  
Perimeter Security System based on Electrostatic Charge Detection  
Various meanings of the word “eye” in the sayings from tne secret history of the Mongols  
A Study of Hand Geometry Recognition System  
Монгол хэлний “Үнэлэмж” гэдэг үгийн хэрэглээ  
A Study of Hand Geometry Recognition System  
Using Decision Tree on Text Classification for Mongolian News Portals  
Гадаад хэлийг заахдаа хэлц үгийг ашиглах нь  
The Survey on Online Service at Metropolis State  
Speaking techniques  
“Монгол нууц товчоо зохиолд морины зүсмийг илэрхийлэх нь”  
Comparison of the Learning Management Systems  
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