Constructivism and model of teaching  
Исследование влияния влажности теста на его реологические свойства и качество “Боорцог”.  
Isolation of bacteriocin-producing LAB from dairy products and their antimicrobial activity  
Teaching Computer Graphics Constructively  
Планирование интегрированного учёбного плана в инициативе CDIO  
Implementing CDIO in a set of study programs and curriculums  
Transport Layer Evaluation over 802.11b Wireless Network  
To question of video image pre-processing for classification analysis  
Using High speed wireless communication in trafic collision detection  
Quality Improvement Initiatives (QII) for Mongolian Cashmere Clothing  
Comparison of Mongolian and Korean customers’ perceived quality evaluations (Case study: Cashmere gloves)  
Nutritional value of Mongolian milk and milk products  
Nutritional value of Mongolian pastoral cattle meat and meat products  
Review on Hidden Markov model based anomaly detection  
Hidden Markov model based anomaly detection approach for multivariate systems  
The Statistic Analysis of the Network Traffic Of Mongolian Universities  
Русский язык как инструмент политического, экономического и культурного сотрудничества  
Ресурсы для проведения образовательных программ  
Strategies for improving student writing  
Новые методы и инструменты для обучения иностранным языкам  
Antioxidant properties and bioactive constituents of Paeonia anomala leaf  
Detection earthing fault condition for electric equipment by using spectrum analysis  
The Research of Higher Harmonics for Power Delivery System of Low Voltage  
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