"Geotechnical problems of contruction on permafrost in Mongolia  
To Re-identify Newly Temperature Regime Coefficient of Ventilation Hollow of Buildings to Be Constructed on Zones with Permafrost Soil in Mongolia  
Freeze-thaw effect on consolidation properties of clay soil  
Research to introduce the IP Multimedia subsystem in Mongolia  
Some result on simulation of SDH multiplexer  
In issue to the development of ICT in Mongolian health sector  
An introduction to LabVIEW program  
Word sense disambiguation in Mongolian  
protein groups of bone stock  
Unigram in Part of Speech Tagging for Mongolian  
Review on Hidden Markov Model based Anomaly Detection  
Anomaly detection approach for Multivariate systems  
Developing E_Learning content  
Developing E_Learning content  
An introduction to LabVIEW program  
Исследование качества фритюрного жира для обжарки мучных изделий типа "Боорцог"  
New model for rural telecommunication of Mongolia  
Malware Detection Using Linear SVM  
Using SVM to improve quality of high education system  
“Implementation and outcomes of FPGA based system design in education of Mongolia”  
Long Term Monitoring of Human physical activity and heart rate dynamics  
“Изучение состава и соиства “цэгээ”  
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