Functional characteristics of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolated from the Mongolian traditional fermented milk  
Study of Soil Radioactivity around Central region of Mongolia  
Quality Research on ball to Powder coal  
C4 and CAM plants in Mongolia  
Give an analysis to Regenerate in used Moulding sand  
Radiation measurements in X-ray examination cabinets of some hospitals in Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia  
Применение биологического азота в повышении урожайности сельскохозяйственных культур  
“Comparative study of physical and chemical characteriscs of milk vodka  
Оценка влияния загрязнения воздуха города Улаанбаатар на эпифитные лишайники  
The use of the Matlab and Simulation in Communication Systems  
Antenna Tracking System for Broadband Portable terminal  
Inspection Robot-Based Localization Method for Illegal Electricity Usage  
Real Time Method for Noise Reduction of Directional Doppler Audio Signals  
Cloud computing-The IT solution for 21st century  
A Novel Remote Detection Method of Illegal Electricity Usage based on Smart Resistance  
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