A novel architecture design for Internet mobility based on Abject Identifier and ID locator split  
Statistical Research of the Mongolian Language.  
Game model of commerce activities of credit organizations  
A Digital Coreless Maximum Power Point Tracking Circuit for Thermoelectric Generators  
VoIP Testing and Measurement  
Absorbency of foreign direct Investment in economics  
Хүнсний сав баглаа боодлын материал, дизайн  
Переработки и хранения зерна  
Реологические характеристики основы конструирования машин  
Comparative study of physical and chemical characteristics of milk vodka”  
Реологические исследование некоторых продуктов функционального назначения  
An expert systems for medical engineering  
Study on factors affecting to diesel PM emissions  
A model for robustness evaluation of embedded systems  
E-education bridge between Europe and Asia – Tele Lecture  
An investigation for improving power performance by vvt effect of spark ignition engine by wave simulation  
A Prototype of Expert System for Rural Medical Centers  
Analyzing of thermo-mechanical behaviours of W/CuCrZr  
Complex Services Provided by Mobile Office in Mongolia  
New Challenges of Postal System in Mongolia  
Preliminary Study of Combustion Chamber for Gas-Turbine-Engine  
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