Технико-экономическая эффективность работы ТЭЦ на основе эксергетической методологии.  
Комплексные показатели эффективности работы ТЭЦ на основе дифференциальной эксергетической методологии  
A Natural computing research team  
Development of Portable X-Ray Flourescence Analyzer Equipped with X Ray Image Camera  
The Informatics Olympiad in Mongolia: Training resources for non-English speaking students  
Implementation of E-MBMS design for Mobile IPTV  
Energy Saving by Using Variable Speed Drives with AC Induction Motors in Industries.  
High harmonics of current induced in electrical supply system.  
Practal analisis of the bioelectrocardiogram.  
The comparative analysis of functionality devices for measurement of the human bioenergetics.  
“The Research of Higher Harmonics for Power Delivery System of Low Voltage”  
“Operational mode of assisting appliances for technologic boilers, research to precise their operation, certain results of the experiments, matsematical modeling”  
“Benefist and Advantages of the Substation Rehabilitation Project , which is implementation in Central Regional Elecrical Transmission Grid of Mongolia”  
“Detection earthing fault condition for electric equipment by using spectrum analysis”  
Lagrangian One Step WENO finite Volume Schemes for Stiff hyperbolic Balance Laws  
New Class of Finite Volume Schemes  
On Lagrangian One Step WENO finite Volume Schemes for Resistive Relavistic MHD Equations  
Research of the advanced waste oil recycling technology  
Research of the advanced waste oil recycling technology  
The geometrical research on automobile suspension system  
Effect of wear on friction of metals  
Calculation research of spring shock absorber deformation by ANSYS program  
Kinematic analysis of automobile suspension system  
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