Investigation of air quality in the atmosphere of Erdenet city, Mongolia  
Aerosol optical properties in gobi-region of Mongolia  
The study on ambient air quality in the some cities of Mongolia  
Shortwave radiation estimation from Modis-Terra data over semi-arid region in Mongolia  
“The possibility of application of natural bentonite and zeolite for absorbing of molybdenum from the wastewater processing factory  
Investigation of refractory thermal insulation material  
Geotechnical characterization of Busan clay  
The distribution and characterization of expansive soils in Mongolia  
Evaluation of the settlement influence factors of shallow foundation by numerical analyses  
Satellite-derived estimates of evapotranspiration in the arid and semi-arid region of Mongolia  
Mapping and Rangeland Monitoring Case study: Uvurkhangai aimag  
Growth and characterization study of Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate, Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate single crystals  
Benefits of geogrid reinforcement in asphalt pavement on Ulaanbaatar roads  
Graphene based composite as a counter electrode for DSSCs  
Graphene/carbon nanotubes composites as a counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells  
“ Hydrogen atom excitation in intense attosecond laser field: Dipole Approximation”  
Time-dependent close-coupling method for excitation of hydrogen  
Stationary States of the BEC in the Harmonic Magnetic Trap  
The Reason To Consider The Electromagnetic Compatibility For A Relay Protection Of Microprocessor  
Isolation and taxonomic study of lactose-fermenting yeasts from Mongolian dairy products (koumiss and fermented camel’s milk)  
Feasibility of the Thermal Power Plant with Capacity of 100 MW in the Baganuur Province of Mongolia  
Hydrogen uptake in Mg thin film alloys  
Hydrogen storage in carbon based nanoclusters  
Hydrogen storage in carbon based nanoclusters  
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