To the Problem of Development of the Green Technology for Obtaining the High Activity CaO Oxides  
The Possibility to Increase Competitiveness of Construction Sector  
An Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm Adopting lambda-Best Mutation Strategy for Global Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices  
The Strategic Potential Analysis of Construction Sector in Mongolia  
Multiguiders and Nondominate Ranking Differential Evolution Algorithm for Multiobjective Global Optimization of Electromagnetic Problems  
Shape Optimal Design of a 9-pole 10-slot PMLSM for Detent Force Reduction Using Adaptive Response Surface Method  
The Need Demand for Use of Eco-Technology Achievements into Water Treament Station of Ulaanbaatar City  
MNS ISO/IEC Quality Management Related Standards for NDT Services  
Citizen’s Participation in Urban Planning Processes  
Influence of tree provenance on biogenic VOC emissions of Scots pine (Pinussylvestris) stumps  
Olon-Ovoot Gold Ore’s Technological Study  
Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Development of Mongolia  
Representing Narrative inMultimedia Information Systems  
Evaluation of the wind power penetration limit and wind energy penetration in the Mongolian central power system  
Catalytic activity and characterization of V2O5/g-Al2O3 for Ammoxidation of m-xylene system  
Effect of gold particle size in Aucore/Ptshell catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction  
Nitrogen-doped ordered porous carbon catalyst for oxygen reduction in proton exchange membrane fuel cells  
Activity and active sites of nitrogen doped carbon nanotubes for oxygen reduction reaction  
A study of the Diameter Distribution and Tensile Property of Horse Tail Hair 2008-. р.1-10.  
Preliminary Study of Combustion Chamber for Gas-Turbine Engine  
Internet,software usage at small businesses in Mongolia  
Some Study Results of Natural Illumination and Lighting Some Study Results of Natural Illumination and Lighting Quantity Earth's Surface around Ulaanbaatar  
The Main Results of Study of Light-Climates Earth’s Surface on the Mongolian territory. ,  
Information and Communication Technology: Some possibility to develop through solution of integrated network in other sectors of Mongolia  
Comparative study on high order optical modulation formats  
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