Optimization algorithm of resource allocation in LTE (Long Term Evolution)  
The Analysis of Two Dimensional Resource Allocation Procedures for IEEE802.16m of Mobile WiMax System  
A resource allocation for Mobile IPTV  
Statistical researches of speech of the Mongolian language  
Adaptive Parameter Controlling Non-Dominated Ranking Differential Evolution for Multi-Objective Optimization of Electromagnetic Problems  
Telephone Users Demand and Traffic Forecasting for Mongolian Telecommunication Network  
Facile one-pot preparation of 3-D flower-like α-Fe2O3 particles decorated with TiO2 nanospheres: magnetically recyclable photocatalysts  
The global trends of e-waste issues and current situation of Mongolia  
The analysis of QoS parameters for SIP protocol in VoIP communication  
T-cell related immune enhancement induced by extract of Hippophae rhamnoides in vitro study  
The bandwidth related issues of VoIP Network  
Purification and Concentration of Antioxidative Dipeptides Obtained from Chicken Extract and Their Application as Functional Food  
Development of Technology of Starter Cultures Using Strains of LAB Isolated from Mongolian Traditional Fermented Milk  
On the Some Spectral Property of the Classical Volterra Operator  
Isolation and taxonomic study of lactose-fermenting yeasts from Mongolian dairy products (koumiss and fermented camel’s milk)  
academic experience at the university of Alaska Fairbanks blackboard  
The Simulation Model of Multicast and Broadcast Service in the Mobile WiMAX for Qualnet  
Mobile IPTV Performance Enhancement based on WiBro MMR Technology  
Performance analysis of MBS handover for mobile WiMAX  
3D image transmission technology for mobile IPTV  
Development of Microblogging System in Traditional Mongolian Script  
A study of stability and magnetic phase separation of LixFePO4 by density functional approach  
Author Identification - An Experiment based on Mongolian Literature using Decision Trees  
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