Scattering Model of Electromagnetic Field Strength In Sub-Stations  
Study of meat cooling process for Mongolian livestock  
Wavelength channel minimization-based energy-aware mechanism in a multichannel EPON  
Sleep-based Energy-efficient DBA in an EPON using the Controlling Mechanism for an ONU’s Buffer Occupancy and Packet Delay  
Characterization of antibacterial polymer films based on PVA and silver nitrate,  
Synthesis and characterization of Co nanoparticles,  
Performance analysis on IPv6 transition technologies and transition method  
Renaissance architecture and symmetry  
Subscriber Reconfigurable TDM PON Architectures  
The Compared Analysis of Wireless Networks for Developing Internet of Things  
QoS in VoIP network  
New challenges of postal system in Mongolia  
Complex services provided by mobile office in Mongolia  
Biomedical Engineering Study in Mongolia  
The Mongolian Society for Biomedical Engineering  
Fuel additive experiment on gasoline engine  
Model for evaluation of maintenance quality in telecommunication system  
“Modeling Call Holding Times of Public Safety Network”,  
“Incoming Traffic Modeling of Heterogenous Public Safety Network”, B.Otgonbayar, B.Tuyatsetseg,  
Traffic Modeling for IP enabled Public Safety Network  
The study on Quality requirements of interactive voice in IP network  
Simulation of RC Helicopter Based on Dynamics of Quaternion by Using OpenGL and Simulink  
Malware Detection Using Linear SVM  
Absolute Measurements of He in Metals using Chemical Treatments  
Energy-Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks for Tracking Livestock Movements in Nomadic Herding  
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