One-pot synthesis of silver-titanium dioxide nanocomposites using ethylene glycol medium and their antibacterial properties  
The Beta Version of Implementation Tool for SURE Model  
Characterization of Antibacterial Polymeric Films Based on Poly (vinyl alcohol) and Zinc Nitrate for Biomedical Application  
Extended smart meters-based remote detection method for illegal electricity usage  
Design of USB-based High Rate Data Communication for Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System  
Improved real-time method for noise reduction of directional Doppler audio signals  
General Quadratic Programming and Its Applications in Responcse Surface Analysis  
Proteorhodopsin characterization based on metal-insulator-metal structute technique  
Herstellung der Nanopartikeln in der Ausrьstung von Textilien  
The Preparation of nanoparticles in the finsihing on textiles  
Apigetrin induces erythroid differentiation of human leukemia cells K562: Proteomics approach  
Parametric network utility maximization problem  
Large margin shortest path routing  
A Data-Mining Framework for Transnational Healthcare System  
A Physician Order Category-Based Clinical Guideline Comparison System  
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