Deriving human activity from geo-located data by ontological and statistical reasoning  
Effect of a SiO₂ Anti-reflection Layer on the Optoelectronic Properties of Germanium Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodetectors  
Graphene/Ge Schottky Junction Based IR Photodetectors  
Optoelectrical Characterization of Infrared Photodetector Fabricated on Ge-on-Si Substrate  
Inspection Robot Based Mobile Sensing and Power Line Tracking for Smart Grid  
Computational Power of Intramolecular Gene Assembly  
Spiking Neural P Systems with Extended Rules: Universality and Languages  
Characterization of behavioral patterns exploiting description of geographical areas  
Gene Assembly Models and Boolean Circuits,  
Uniform Solutions to SAT and 3-SAT by Spiking Neural P systems with Pre-computed Resources  
Deterministic solutions to QSAT and Q3SAT by spiking neural P systems with pre-computed resources  
Embedded software and hardware implementation system for a human machine interface based on ISOAgLib  
Implementation of a three-dimensional stereo image capture system based on the multi-segment method  
Overexpression of APP stimulates basal and constitutive exocytosis in PC12 cells.  
High Isolation Microstrip Patch Array Antenna for Single Channel Full Duplex Communications  
Compact Broadband Microstrip Crossover with Isolation Improvement and Phase Compensation  
90-degree Branch-line Coupler with Reconfigurable Output Power Ratios  
Isolation Improvement of a TRx Stacked Microstrip Patch Antenna using Double Spur-line Band Rejection Filters  
Dual-Band Microstrip Antenna Structure Combined with High-Gain Dielectric Rod and Sleeve-Dipole Elements  
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