Multi-Objective Portfolio optimization  
Forecating currency exchange rate and ARFIMA modelling  
Portfolio analysis  
An Empirical Study of Perceived Quality on Mongolian Cashmere Clothing  
Challenges of Mongolian e-Learning and improvement method of implementation  
Antibacterial activity of some medicinal plant extracts of Mongolia  
The Survey on Online Service at Metropolis State  
Measuring traffic congestion using computer simulation  
Experiments on a Search Engine Extension  
Ecological Map of Ulaanbaatar city  
To the spell checking problem for Mongolian language  
Using SVM in Transliteration from Latin into Cyrillic Mongolian (Best paper award)  
Word Sense Disambiguation in Mongolian Language  
Finite-State Automata as a Morphological Model for the Mongolian Language  
Enterprise Architecture Development Strategy in High education  
Текущая ситуация городского развития г.Улан-Батора  
Investigations of the functionality of new developed diet for diabetes therapy  
Методика учета технического состояния двигателей линейных автобусов при оценке его экологической безопасности.  
To study Antenna tracking system for Broadband Portable Terminal  
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