Simulation of Interaction of Colliding Nanoclusters Beam with Solid Surface

Хэвлэлийн нэр: Вестник РУДН. Серия Математика. Информатика. Физика. 2014. №1

Зохиогч:  Б.Батгэрэл

Хамтран зохиогч: Nikonov E. G., Puzynin I. V.

Хэвлүүлсэн огноо: 2014-01-12

Хуудас дугаар: 47-51

Өгүүллийн хураангуй: One of the effective methods changing surface physical and chemical properties of a material is high energy impact of nanoclusters with solid surface. Molecular dynamic simulation is one of the most popular approach to study this process. It is very important for material science and nanotechnology to know as much as possible about conditions for control of getting given properties of the deposited layer. This work is devoted to the simulation of an angular impact for Cun (n = 13,55,147) nanoclusters with the substrate, consisting of 54000 atoms of copper. As contrast to our previous paper [Batgerel B., Nikonov E.G., Puzynin I.V. Simulation of Impact Intereaction of Uncharged Metallic Nanoclusters with Metallic Surface // Bulletin of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Series “Mathematics. Information Sciences. Physics”. — 2013. — No 4. — Pp. 42–56.] we have studied properties of deposited layer on the surface particularly a penetration depth of the cluster atoms and a thickness in angular impact conditions. It is found that these parameters depend on the energy and size of nanoclusters, a number of clusters in the beam, a frequency of irradiation and a value of impact angle.

Өгүүллийн төрөл: Мэргэжлийн түвшинд хянагддаг сэтгүүл

Өгүүллийн зэрэглэл: Гадаад

Түлхүүр үг: #Verlet method #molecular dynamics #impact interaction #simulation

Өгүүлэл нэмсэн: Б.Батгэрэл

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