Compesisive sensing in MOST

Хэвлэлийн нэр: International conference on engineering 2012

Зохиогч:  Д.Энхзул

Хамтран зохиогч: Ц.Хүрэлбаатар, Т.Амартүвшин

Хэвлүүлсэн огноо: 2012-05-12

Хуудас дугаар: 243

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Nowadays in vehicle attractive new technology MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) is being intensively studied and standardized by many researches and cooperation. The MOST is low overhead, low-cost, intelligent, robust and synchronous multimedia networking technology with 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 150Mbps rates. To aim human needs MOST needs to transmit huge data of audio and image files via physical media.

From the other of view, in digital signal processing powerful compressing technique has been applied to various applications which called compressed sensing.

In this paper regarding this scenario, we investigate the MOST and compressive sensing and propose the possibility of implementation powerful compressing technique for the attractive new technology which is named Media Oriented System Transport automotive infotainment network.

The rest of this paper is arranged as follows: In section II we consider related works. In section III we discuss our proposal. Our simulation scenario, analytic calculation and conclusions are presented in section IV and V.

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Өгүүлэл нэмсэн: Д.Энхзул

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