Development of hardware and software for ECUs of agricultural tractor based on ISO 11783 standard

Хэвлэлийн нэр: ICCST2013 conference proceeding

Зохиогч:  Д.Энхзул

Хамтран зохиогч: [Т.ЭНХБААТАР:J.EE15]

Хэвлүүлсэн огноо: 2013-11-04

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Next generation agricultural machine productivity depends on the embedded sensors, actuators and those data exchange protocols which is called ISO 11783 (ISOBUS).The work presents the remote access of CAN-bus based workbench for the IsoAgLib study and implementation to support the development of the agricultural machinery control systems consists of several electronic control units (ECU) such as virtual terminal (VT), the GPS sensor, the lighting, sprayer and loader. Our VT is implemented in an advanced embedded board that uses the real-time operating system Windows CE 6.0 and other ECUs are implemented in firmware level programming.

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Өгүүлэл нэмсэн: Д.Энхзул

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