A structure oriented evaluation model for readiness of egovernance

Хэвлэлийн нэр: ICEGOV 2012

Зохиогч:  Т.Уранчимэг

Хамтран зохиогч: S.Uyanga

Хэвлүүлсэн огноо: 2012-10-22

Хуудас дугаар: 454-456

Өгүүллийн хураангуй:

This paper deals with a measure theoretical method for evaluation of logically describable target structures.

The presented evaluation approach includes the following steps: key targets definition , sub targets description, general target structure formulation, selection of fitting assessment instrument, development of an adapted questionnaire or check list, data collection, data processing in sense of our general evaluation model and report of results.

The advantage of presented model is that it is very versatile for applications where the target can be described by a logical target structure. By the measure theoretical background the evaluation is very objective. The scoring method in the whole becomes open, comprehensible and traceable.

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Түлхүүр үг: #Evaluation #scoring method #assessment method #e-governance #logical target structure #evaluation theory #evaluation model #e-governance assessment

Өгүүлэл нэмсэн: Т.Уранчимэг

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