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Mongolia is known for its abundance of natural resources. Last few years, economy of
Mongolia has risen incredibly based on these natural resources. Despite its rapid growth in
economy, due to the lack of proper environmental protection, several serious effects have been
appeared in the nature. Currently, Mongolia is facing various environmental issues like other
developing countries, who are using natural resources for the economic development. These
can be global or local problems such as desertification, pollution of air and water, underground
contamination, yellow smoke and so on. Recently hydrargyrum pollution became a big issue
since it is more dangerous than the other pollutants. For instance, in human health, high level
mercury vapor and its various forms are considered as extremely harmful to human lung since
one time inhaling can lead to sudden death. Its toxic effects on fetuses during pregnancy and
woman at high risk on miscarriage as well as infants at high risk too. Even more, the mercury
toxin can cause damages on human genetics and brain. In ecology, contaminated soil
can produce mercury vapor in air, the rain take it to river and lakes. Therefore hydrargyrum
pollution is not only a threat to human but to the entire natural system [14]. Therefore mining industries, especially,
artisanal minings are using this property to separate metal from ore. There are lots
of artisanal mining in Mongolia and they uses mercury in mining operation, even, sometimes
people wash ore by hands and use mercury to catch gold. Hence, in the last few years Mongolia
became a high risk country by mercury pollution. Figure 1 is taken from the article
mentioning about soil and river contamination with heavy metals like mercury in Mongolia

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