“The Role of the Teacher for Developing Speaking Skills”

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For developing speaking skill of the engineering students, first of all, the teacher can establish a supportive class atmosphere. It has a such strong impact on learning, and is extremely important to create a relaxed, supportive class atmosphere. In such an atmosphere, students feel free to ask questions and express their ideas without being worried about making mistakes.  A good sense of humor also helps. It is never appropriate to make fun of students or laugh at their mistakes, but a reasonable amount of humor and laughter in class generally has a positive, relaxing effect on the class atmosphere.

Mutual respect is an important element of building a class atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Students generally respond positively to the teacher who shows a sincere interest in them individuals.  For the reason, it is important to learn students’ names as soon as possible and use them freely. It may help to spend a few minutes at the beginning of each class period chatting informally with students. Of course, it can help maintain a friendly class atmosphere.  If teacher feels that a number of students have negative attitudes toward pair and group work, teacher might find it helpful to bring this issue out in the open and encourage students to discuss their expectations of the roles and the advantages that pair and group work offered a class.

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