Development of a computer model to calculate statistics about traffic jam

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In order to decrease traffic congestion we had to measure vehicles number, traffic congestion time, destiny, capacity and their combination.
In order to decrease traffic congestion, at first we had to identify reasons of traffic congestion that are holiday, weather, accident, working time, traffic light, road, special event, special vehicles, law-and-order and population.
Then we had to re-measure and compare to change some impact and reasons.
Some specific simulation software is used to do measurement also it is possible to develop some simulation software.
In this paper we are calculating some important statistics such as traffic density, traffic intensity, capacity, traffic average speeds, queue length and waiting time for each vehicle without any specific computer simulation software. In order to do it we have developed a computer model based on the data of UBTCC and simulated it.
This research result will be used to develop Smart Traffic Control system in Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

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