Challenges in Knowledge Management in Higher Education Institutes in Mongolia: A Report on Secondary Survey

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Exponential increase of the knowledge base of people at large and dynamics of the modern market is mounting pressure on organizations whether corporate or academic institutions to meet their needs and demands. Increasing expectations of the consumers are forcing the corporate world to use untrendy approaches. Professionals must not only have new ideas, but it is also necessary that they know and are able to use the experience of the organization, to improve work quality and productivity. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are the knowledge suppliers to corporate world and so have the responsibility to provide workers with effective knowledge base.

This article is an attempt to understand the current status and development of the education sector in Mongolia, impact of Knowledge Management (KM) on the country’s economy and the challenges in implementing the best knowledge practice in Higher education sector.   Informational society has already changed the status of higher  education institutions where as Knowledge society is influencing the creation of new type of schools –innovation schools. Nowadays a high school is a center of science and innovations development, where nonstop learning, or life-long learning is taking place. Although in Mongolian higher education context, knowledge management is still at nascent stage but this article is a proactive approach to give an effective direction to HEIs to be ready to face the challenges.

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