A Comparative Study of the Elderly Welfare Policy Between Korea and Mongolia

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The purpose of this study is to introduce the further required welfare service, to implement it by comparing social welfare policy for elder people of Mongolia with the policy of social welfare for elder people of the Republic of Korea. In this study I have considered policies of both countries implemented in the elderly welfare, the services, the policy on income protection of elder people, the housing policy of elder people, the social participation of elder people and policy on spending leisure time activities by elder people. Within framework of the study I have used methods for the research such as the other studies related to elderly welfare policies of two countries as the dissertations, the statistic information, the web sites, the work on subjects, literature reviews.

The results obtained in this study are summarized as follow:

First, as to income of elder people the average level of pension depending on situation gradually increasing, however in comparison to poverty level is a little higher.

Second, even though health insurance of elder people covers the government it's not enough to take medical services of high cost, the majority of old people live in the distant places from services of specialized clinics, because of insufficiency of the local medical service and lack of medical service system they cannot receive these services at required level.

Third, as for housing policy of elder people, it shows that there is lack of understanding, description and legal environment on housing of old people. At present moment elder people without welfare who live alone are the takers of places in retirement homes, the majority of nursing homes has shortage of provision by multiplied specialized medical and welfare services.

Forth, as for leisure time activities and welfare for elder people also is lack of knowledge, understanding about leisure time activities of elder people, service technology, staff standard of specialists, sphere of services, skill level of specialists and not systematized types of multiplied services.

In this study I proposed following innovations for effective solution of elderly welfare policy of Mongolia.

First, in framework of policy for ensuring income of elder people and effective enforcement of the law on pension is required to found independent organization in charge of pension of old people, legalize and provide different pension systems, structure, organization, duties, responsibilities and regulations with specialized management. Also is required to review the law on pension and constantly to study pension fund, different options of pension and make scientific fundamental researches. Except pension incoming support employment of elders the government is required to develop intermediation of job places, advertisement centers and descriptions of job places for elders by new concept and attitudes.

Second, in order to renew health protection of old people is required to change health insurance law and system, increase amount to insurance premium. It is required to improve health examination and diagnostic services to improve mental satisfaction and well being life of elderly and found new centralized clinic, specialized organizations as consultation centers for elders with senility and chronic diseases as well newly introduce insurance system for long term nursery places of elders and study their legal environment.

Third, in framework of policy of housing security of elder people it is important to introduce and systematize housing policy capable to ensure daily life safety of elders. Therefore it is required to introduce and legalize system, legal environment, housing standard of elder people, infrastructure, service standard and types of flats.

Forth, within the framework of policy on social welfare, social participation and the leisure time activities of elders is required to extend study about needs, physical and mental specifics of old people, determine subjects and organizations responsible for welfare taking elders, service standard, the skills of specialists, the service scale, in rural areas create system of effective provision of welfare service for elders and involve NGOs. It is necessary fully to renew content of the law on social welfare of elders observed at present and introduce provisions on support of policy, the system, the specialized management, the service types and to study of above our issues. 

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