The study on the microwave propagation impairments in earth-satellite link

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Research importance:

The exploitation of satellites for communication purposes has increased continuously over the last decades in order to satisfy the growing demand for long-distance communications. As the C-band (4/6 GHz) is already congested, and the Ku-band (12/14 GHz) is filling up rapidly, the current interest focused on the possible utilization of higher bands. Some systems are already designed to operate in the Ka-band (20/40 GHz).

The adoption of the Ka and Ku bands for satellite links has many advantages. It can provide plenty of bandwidth, which facilitates the coordination of satellite services and the introduction of new communication services. Furthermore, antennas operating in these bands have a higher directivity than antennas of equal size operating in lower frequency bands, which enables more satellites to be positioned closer together, since interference between adjacent satellites can be reduced.

“C” band satellite communication service introduced in Mongolia in 1971, and then established Asiasat and Intelsat earth stations. Nowadays, satellite based international telephone, data, television, radio broadcasting and VSAT services have been penetrated in public and private sector of Mongolia. In the near future, Ku band will be used for the satellite broadcasting system of  Mongolia.

Research aim:

The aim of the research is to investigate Ku band satellite broadcasting system of Mongolia.

Research objectives:

1.      Radio meteorological parameters which have direct effect on the  Ku band microwave propagation in earth-satellite link

2.      Atmospheric absorption and rain attenuation at Ku band and required power margin in the territory of Mongolia.

3.      Adoption of transmission standard of satellite broadcasting

4.      Network configuration of Mongolian satellite broadcasting system

5.      Selection of transmit earth station and remote receive station equipments

6.      Link budget of Ku band satellite broadcasting system

7.      Calculation of  required investment of satellite broadcasting system.

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