Distance Learning Education in Mongolia
Present situation of Mongolian Telecommuni-cations and Human Resource Development
Information system in Rural Areas of Mongolia
Traffic Safety Trend in Mongolia
Replicative-Distribution Rules in P Systems with active Membranes
A Petri net formalisation of Heat Shock Response
Curriculum Development, A Formal Model of University Teaching Management
Modeling Neural Processes in Lindenmayer Systems
Computational Power of Intramolecular Gene Assembly
Computational Efficiency of Intermolecular Gene Assembly
A Petri-net formalisation of Heat shock response model
Semantic Interpretation of Mobile Phone Records Exploiting Background Knowledge
Identification and Characterization of Human Behavior Patterns from Mobile Phone Data
Semantic Enrichment of Mobile Phone Data Records
Impact of the spatial context on human communication activity
Study on Ontology based Integration approach of Web Information Resources
Applying Topic Maps to the Legacy Systems
Some electrical parameters of Mongolian traditional musical instrument
Result of Simulation Program for Pathological Index Relating the Climate Factors
Novel Algorithm of Resource Allocation in IEEE802.16 m for Mobile WiMAX and LTE
Implementation of wireless 3D stereo image capture system and 3D exaggeration algorithm for the region of interest
Implementation of wireless 3D stereo image capture system and synthesizing the depth of region of interest
Improvement algorithm for the unfocused image captured by CMOS camera module
Electronic control sensors applications for the next generation tractor based on open source library
Implementation of ECU for Agricultural Machines Based on ISOAgLib Open Source
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