Features of RAB tariff model and its applications
Research on controlled crystallization of Bismuth-Ferrite in Silica Glasses.
Results of study on road traffic accidents in relation to road condition between Baganuur and Ulaanbaatar
Implementation of 3D Image Capture System based on CMOS Camera
The Graphical Method for decision of Restitution Coefficient and Its Simulation Lab Applications
Path Planning Algorithm for Service Robot in the Library
The Development of Health Technology Assesstment inMongolia
Improvement of training coherence in a metal processing field and development of human resources
Research method of Acoustic-Vibration Diagnostic
Surfacing Welding Technology for Hardfacing for Metal to Metal Wear
Worldwide and regional statistical analysis of propagation and meteorological parameters in BSS frequency bands
Microwave attenuation due to dust and sand storm in Earth-satellite links
Cluster-based Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks for Tracking Livestock Movements in Mongolian Nomadic herding
Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Цахилгаанаар ажиллах автобусыг оношлох арга зүйн судалгаа
Methods of reconfiguration in electrical distribution networks
Expeimental investigation of fuel additive on gasoline engine
The comparison of DVB-T and DVB-T2 system
Parallel ellipse detection algorithm using GPU
The utilization of cab’s smart call system
’Performance analysis of implementation DVB-T2 network in Ulaanbaatar
The counterflow diffusion flame research for quick start SOFC
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