Variants of survailence system & implementation

Илтгэсэн хурлын нэр: Taiwanese - Mongolian Joint Workshop Trafic Surveilence System in Real World WN

Илтгэгч:  С.Өлзийбаяр

Хамтран илтгэгч: [С.Өлзийбаяр:J.IT26],[Б.Дамдинсүрэн:J.EE01]

Илтгэсэн огноо: 2017-07-27

Илтгэлийн хураангуй: Main purpose of the Project is to study methods for immediate delivery of traffic Congestion Information of  Ulaanbaatar city to extremely necessary consumers (Ambulance) and choose possible method  and implement it. In other words getting Traffic congestion (jam) information of Ulaanbaatar city based on use of video signal from CCTV cameras  and transmit or deliver this information to ambulance team through wireless network. Ambulance team getting the information and GPS information can choose the least traffic jam road from the current location to destination and deliver operative hospital service to customers.

Илтгэлийн төрөл: Дотоодод зохион байгуулагдсан олон улсын ЭШХ

Түлхүүр үг: #Image processing #recognize #GPS #Traffic congestion

Илтгэл нэмсэн: С.Өлзийбаяр

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