Results of study on road traffic accidents in relation to road condition between Baganuur and Ulaanbaatar

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Илтгэгч:  А.Эрдэнэтуяа

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Илтгэсэн огноо: 2012-10-25

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Background. In Mongolia, 320-350 people died per year due to traffic accidents. About 193 people were died in road of rural area. According to statistic, focusing on the accidents’ reason, about 94.9 percent of accidents are caused by faulty operation of driver and 0.4 percent is caused by road condition.

Goal. The purpose of this study was to analyse the influence of road condition on the route Ulaanbaatar-Baganuur, where traffic accident have frequently occurred and through that find solutions to relieve the traffic accidents.

Materials and Methods. Traffic safety was evaluated with coefficient of traffic safety that defined as divide the safe speed of vehicle on the road with invisible area such as  crest and sag vertical curve and horzintal curve to the speed of vehicles from opposide direction. The average speed of vehicle on hill by having invisible of road curve inside, the end of road ascent and the road section that broke road asphalt surface were determined by stability and steering dynamic calculation.

Result. According to the study, on the route Ulaanbaatar-Baganuur, within last three years, about 37 accidents were occurred. Accidents and conditions on the 14 stretches where accidents have frequently occurred were studied and analyzed by repetition, location and road condition and similarity of neighbor points, so on the 14 stretches, the accidents were occurred frequently. From those accidents, 24 people died and 87 people were injured. Classifying the accidents with 14 stretches, about 14 percent of accidents were occurred on the end of road ascent; 28 percent on straight section; 35 percent on curve; 16 percent on broken surface section of road; 7 percent on the place that road asphalt surface was missed partially. Decreasing the average speed of vehicle to 54.6 km/h on hill by having invisible of road curve inside, 64.2 km/h on the end of road ascent and 51.5 km/h on the road section that broke road asphalt surface were required.

Conclusion. The coefficients of traffic safety are had between 0.30-0.81 on the sections that required limiting the traffic speed. In other words, the technical environment of traffic accidents consists on some points of this road. 

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