Development Program: Relationship between Small Scale Miners and Ninjas in Zaamar.

Илтгэсэн хурлын нэр: Sustainability of Environment and Society in Mongolia Workshop, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Илтгэгч:  Г.Мөнх-эрдэнэ

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Илтгэсэн огноо: 2013-09-02

Илтгэлийн хураангуй: The aim of the paper is to identify the social and economic changes among ninja[1] miners in Zaamar, Mongolia after the Sustainable Artisanal Mining Project (SAM) has been introduced. The project has been implemented among the ninja miners by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDA) in cooperation with the Mongolian Government in several Provinces since 2005. According to SDA the Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) is a poverty-driven activity that engages more than 100,000 people, primarily former herders and laid-off factory workers who extract gold nuggets and, to a lesser extent, coal and fluorspar in Mongolia. ASM occurs in 20 aimags, 78 soums and one district of Ulaanbaatar, at 214 mining sites throughout the country. Informal ASM is at risk of becoming uncontrollable resulting in serious social and environmental impacts. If the sector was properly formalized through laws and regulations, it represents enormous potential for local development and rural income opportunities. The main goal of the project is to recognize artisanal mining as a formal sub-sector contributing to Mongolia’s economic development.[2] As of December 2012, about 5000 artisanal miners in 554 partnerships from 24 soums of 11 aimags had been granted 50 lots of legal mining land, totaling 740 ha in size.[3] In an attempt to formalize the mining project further, meeting forums and conferences for international and national research agencies, government officials and ninja miners are often organized. Furthermore, the ninja miners who are members of the project along with project staff and Government officials have visited Latin American countries such as Bolivia and Peru to learn about the partnership formalization and legal implications of artisanal mining.

[1] The informal gold miners in Mongolia are commonly called ‘ninjas’. This name is applied to them by the miners themselves, the mining companies and by members of the affected communities. The term ‘ninjas’ arose from their appearance when carrying the customary green plastic pan tied to their back, reminiscent of a ninja turtle of a popular televised cartoon series (Grayson 2006: 37).



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