VoIP Testing and Measurement

Илтгэсэн хурлын нэр: International Conference on knowledge Based Industry (ICKI)-2011

Илтгэгч:  Т.Лхагвасүрэн

Хамтран илтгэгч: [Ц.АРИУНАА:J.TC13]

Илтгэсэн огноо: 2011-07-06

Илтгэлийн хураангуй:

VoIP refers to the real time transmission of voice signals as packet data across networks by using the Internet Protocol. Transfer of the speech traffic over VoIP networks obtains the increasing recognition in the would. Thus the Internet  opens a door to new network interactive appendices. Degradation of quality of speech - rather critical factor for  distribution of services VoIP,actual becomes a problem of measurement and optimization of the parameters  influencing a voice transfer.

Илтгэлийн төрөл: Дотоодод зохион байгуулагдсан олон улсын ЭШХ

Түлхүүр үг: #Stream bandwidth #Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) #latency #Packet jitter #loss #Audio jitter #delay

Илтгэл нэмсэн: Т.Лхагвасүрэн

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